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Cafe Noir Organic & Fair Traded

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The darkest roast we offer. Its better sweetness of this coffee develops as the roast gets darker and eventually dominates the other flavors. Acidity is reduced until it is almost unnoticable, while the caramel taste of the burnt sugars for a bitter sweetness...a la dark chocolate.

Some coffees when roasted dark have nuances and flavors that do not appear in a light roast. Many people believe dark roasted coffees are "stronger" than light roasted coffees. Another coffee urban myth. This is because the most obvious taste is derived from the roast. Some beans can hold up to a dark roast and some beans just taste burnt.

Coffee is made strong or weak, by one of three methods:

Ratio of coffee to water. The more coffee you brew and the less water used will produce a stronger coffee. If you want a weaker brew we suggest to make coffee regular strength and cut it with hot water. It will taste much better.

How fine you grind your beans. Imagine you try to brew coffee with out grinder them. The water would run right through the beans with- out brewing the coffee. The opposite is also true . If you take the same amount of coffee and grind them into a powder (Turkish grind) it will make a strong cup of coffee. So why not grind all coffees like this. Wouldn't a pound of coffee yield more cups ? Yes, but... the problem is that your filter in your coffee maker would clog, backup, and spill all over the counter. You need to the right grind for your filter.

The amount of pressure you exert on the coffee. When brewed at sea level, you are brewing at one atmosphere of pressure. If you could exert more pressure ( as in a pump driven espresso machine) you can exert up to 16 times this pressure, resulting in a stronger brew. This is why an espresso beverage is stronger...but the espresso coffee beans are not!

Sold in 1 pound sealed bags.

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