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Espresso Blend

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There is much confusion over the term Espresso. Is it a drink, a coffee bean, or a roast level? The short answer is all three.
When you purchase Espresso beans you are tasting a roasters recipe. The roaster may use one coffee also known as a single origin espresso, or he/she may use many coffees. It may be a light roast or a dark roast, but the result should be the same. A thick crema on top (when made in an espresso machine), with a rich, syrupy mouth feel,, and notes of chocolate, caramel, and a fruity flavor.
Our specially prepared blend of selected coffees are roasted to a light brown color with no oils on the surface. This blend creates a thick crema, rich mouth feel, and hints of chocolate in the finish. This is the same Espresso we have been serving in our cafes for the passed 35 years!
Sold in 1 pound sealed bags.

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