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Indian Monsooned Malabar

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Monsooned coffees are truly one of a kind, totally unique, low acid, pungent, and a noticeable "earthy" flavor.
Malabar's tends to be full-bodied with soft acidity and subtle sweetness, often with chocolate overtones.

The“Monsooned” coffee from Malabar is a dry-process coffee exposed to monsoon conditions in open-sided warehouses. The acidity is reduced by the weathering, producing a pungent, syrupy brew considered a delicacy by coffee connoisseurs

Unlike most high-grade specialty coffees, which are washed (or "wet processed") by growers to ensure consistency and eliminate defects, monsooned beans are spread on warehouse floors in the west coast of India during the monsoon season. While there, moisture-laden winds from the Arabian Sea blow over the coffee through the open walls of the warehouse. The beans do not get wet, however, as the warehouse still has a roof.
Light Roast.
Sold in 1 pound sealed bags.

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