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Indian Monsooned Malabar

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Monsooned coffees are truly one of a kind, totally unique, low acid, pungent, and a noticeable "earthy" flavor.
Malabar's tends to be full-bodied with soft acidity and subtle sweetness, often with chocolate overtones.

The Indian Monsooned Malabar process is inspired by the long, hot, and humid sea voyages that coffee used to take from India to Europe. Once the fruit of the coffee is removed, the coffee is aged in a warehouse for up to a year, waiting for monsoon season. Once the storms begin, the warehouses are opened up and the humid winds hit the coffee, just like the old days. During this process, the coffee is constantly being raked by hand to stave off ferment or mold.

The end result? A very large, lightweight, and pale bean. This process gives the coffee a huge body, very mellow acidity, and a mellow, earthy flavor. This coffee is a great choice in an espresso or a blend to add a bit of body and spiciness.
Sold in 1 pound sealed bags.

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