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La Pavoni PGL-16

Price: $1,429.00

Safety valve.
Pressure gauge.
Water level indicator.
On / off switch located in front of the machine.
Indicator light located on the top left of the base.
Manual reset safety thermostat.
Pressurstat to keep a constant pressure in the boiler.
Accessories: 2 spout portafilter, 1 cup filter basket, 2 cup filter basket, plastic scoop, plastic tamper, auto frothing wand.
Height (lever raised): 19.75" (50.17 cm).
Height (base to eagle): 14.75" (37.47 cm).
Width (base): 8" (20.32).
Depth (base): 12" (30.48 cm).
Depth (steam knob to lever): 17.75" (45.09 cm).
Weight: 14.33 pounds (6.5 kilograms).
Power: 1000 watts, 120 volts, 60 hertz.
Boiler capacity: 0.42 gallons (1.6 liters).
Boiler pressure: 7 - 8 bar.
Steam delivery: 15 minutes.
Average heating time: 5 minutes.
Portafilter size: 51 mm

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