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Rocket R58 v2

Price: $2,699.00

A Rocket Espresso Machine that Delivers Taste & Aroma

The Rocket R58 V2 has everything that espresso lovers want. It brings delicious taste, captivating aroma, a smooth and rich body, and, with its stainless steel build, it’s not bad to look at either! It is certainly the perfect addition to any coffee lover’s kitchen. Whether entertaining or simply indulging, Rocket espresso makes drinking coffee even more enjoyable.

This beautiful new rocket espresso coffee maker at a discounted price that you won’t find anywhere else online. Not only that, we offer several free add-ons including a one-year extension of the manufacturer’s warranty!

Thanks to its dual boiler operation, you can either direct plumb it or use its large 2.5 liter water reservoir. There's no fear of running out of water with the latter, since the machine is equipped both with low water sensors and an easy to lift top cover, so you can effortlessly check on and fill the water tank.

Warranty: Two-year parts and labor

E61 commercial group
Finely crafted 304 stainless steel case
Dual pre-infusion system
Non-compression hot water and steam valves
No burn stainless steel hot water and steam wands
Two hole steam tip: 1.5 mm holes
Two hole steam tip: 1.2 mm holes
Easy access to the water tank
Boiler and group pressure gauges
PID controller for the group boiler and the steam boiler temperature
Rotary pump
Large 2.5 liter water reservoir
Low water sensor
Direct plumb water connection
Two complete 58 mm portafilters (one single and one double)
Stainless steel backflush disk
Informative DVD that explains how to make great espresso
User manual
15 amp