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Ty.phoo Decaffeinated tea, Daily Grind
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Ty.phoo Decaffeinated tea

Price: $15.95

80 Teabags per box

Decaffeinated tea can help people who are looking for easy ways to improve their health and diet, through healthier versions of the products they enjoy.

It is also a great alternative to regular tea, for people who are advised to cut down on their daily caffeine intake.

Typhoo uses a decaffeination process, which gently removes the caffeine and is therefore thought to give a better flavour decaffeinated tea than by using some other methods. Recent research has shown that the healthy antioxidants in tea are not removed during this process.

Typhoo has taken a lot of care in developing the decaf blend, to make sure that it still has the quality Typhoo taste

We cannot remove all traces and a small amount (0.2%) of caffeine remains.