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Rancilio St-1 Epoca Tank

Price: $2,095.00

EPOCA ST Pourover

The Rancilio Epoca ST-1 manual single group espresso machine is the perfect pour-over machine for anyone who entertains at home, or even smaller cafe's and book stores. It's small size makes this portable which is great for caterer, and it's 3.9 liter boiler you will hard press to run out of hot water. No waiting between drinks while the machine needs to reheat.

For anyone who wants true professional quality beverages without the complication of a plumbed in machine you really can't get any better then the Epoca. We use the larger version of the Epoca in our cafe and we couldn't be happier.

With the Epoca ST you just plug in any 110v outlet, pour your water into the tank, wait until the machine heats up and your ready to serve up great espresso's and cappuccino's. It can't get any easier than that! With the built in water built-in softener you need not to worry about your water.

When Rancilio put their name on it you know that its meant to last!

Special Features:
1. Compact in size, saves counter space ­ Pour-over (No water line or drain needed) ­ 110 V.
2. Commercial grade performance (extraction and steaming) with portable water supply.
3. Sturdy design ­ Stainless construction (77 lbs) ­ excellent for portable / catering application

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Model: Epoca S1
Espresso Dispensing: Manual Barista-Switch
Automatic Boiler Refill: Yes
Number Of Groups: One
Number of Steam Arms: One
Number of Water Spigot: One
Boiler Capacity: 3.9 Liter
Boiler Element, Watts: 1600 Watts
Dimension in inches: (Width X Depth X Height) 15" X 22.1" X 19"
Weight , lbs: 77
Color Choice: Red or Grey
Voltage, Amps., Type of Receptacle: 110V, 20 Amps, Regular
Water Supply (Pourover) Portable Tank (2litre capacity) / LED to show low level
Drain Requirement: None (Self Contained)
Filtration System / Water Softener: Built-in Softner

Product Specifications
Dimensions 19"H x 15"W x 22"D
Weight 77 lbs.
Color Red or Gray
Electrical Specs 1600W/120V/60Hz
Safety Approval UL Listed
Warranty 1 year