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Pasquini Livia G4 Automatic w/PID

Price: $2,210.00

After more than 15 years of excellent service, Pasquini has retired their celebrated Livia 90 espresso machine to make room for its successor, the Pasquini Livia G4. Encased in gorgeous stainless steel, this new machine boasts a plethora of new features both inside and out. Improvements of note include the Livia G4’s actively heated group head, which is regulated by a thermostatically controlled heating element. This helps to ensure temperature stability and reduce the time it takes before the machine is ready to brew. Also new to the Livia G4 are the lever operated steam and hot water arms. As opposed to a traditional valve operated steam arm, the steam lever on the G4 can be locked into place to dispense constant steam or operated manually for greater control over steaming and frothing.

Manufacturer Pasquini
Width 9.85 inches
Depth 17.75 inches
Height 14.75 inches
Product Weight (lbs.) 42.0000
Watts 1400 watts
Volts 110 volts
Programmability Yes
Case Material Stainless Steel
Boiler Material Stainless Steel
Boiler Volume 1.5 liters
Reservoir Size 3 liters
Solenoid Valve Yes
Steam Wand Type Traditional Only
Cup Warmer Yes
Available Portafilters Non-Pressurized
Boiler Design Heat Exchanger
NSF Certified No
Pod Friendly No
Water Sources Reservoir/Internal Tank
Auto Shut Off No
Auto On No
Pre-Infusion/Aroma No
Material Stainless Steel
With regards to brewing and steaming, the Livia G4 sports a 1.5 liter heat exchange boiler, allowing you to do both at the same time and an ample 92 oz water reservoir. Temperature stability is ensure not only by the aforementioned actively heated group head, but also by the commercial style chrome plated brass portafilter and the passively heated cup warmers, which have a combined 22% greater surface area than the Livia 90. As for steam and hot water, both the steam and hot water arms are mounted on ball joints for greater control over positioning. Additionally, the steam arm is insulated internally to keep the surface cooler for longer, helping prevent accidental burns.

From a technical standpoint, Pasquini has made several changes to help ensure the longevity of the Livia G4. The 1.5 liter heat exchange boiler is now made of stainless steel instead of copper for increased resistance against corrosion, and is now regulated by a safety cut-off breaker to prevent overheating. The electronic control boards, AKA the “brains,” have been moved to the bottom of the machine and away from heat sources.On a final note, the Livia G4 abstains from using an electrical water level probe in favor of a mechanical pressure plate in order to detect when the reservoir is empty.

This particular machine, the Livia G4 Automatic offers the specific benefits of volumetric programmable coffee dosing, allowing you to craft consistent custom drinks time and time again. A PID temperature controller for precision monitoring and control of brew temperature, and a front facing pump gauge to monitor brew and steam pressure. As dedicated masters of their craft, Pasquini have boldly inscribed their mantra on the side of the machine