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Quick Mill Alexia Evo

Price: $1,395.00

The Quick Mill Alexia has been redesigned and will now be called
the Alexia Evo. Evo being short for evolution or next generation. It
will have a new body style with smoother lines, a factory installed
PID with built in shot timer and a white LED. Offer

Here is a list of the new Features and Benefits for the Alexia Evo;
Features; Benefits;
PID with shot timer Allows for Temperature control and extraction
Pulsar added Makes the pump 25% quieter
Boiler Drain Allows for boiler to be completely drained for
service or shipping
T.E.A. Coated Boilers Protection process drastically reduces possibility
of leaching of metals
Custom Knobs Easier to use and more aesthetically pleasing to
the eye
Non Compression Valve Easier to use and less expensive to repair than
compression valves
No Burn Steam Wand Cool touch wand, does not burn hands and milk
does not scald on

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