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New La Spaziale Vivaldi II

Price: $2,295.00

We LOVE this machine. We have used it in our cafes for years. Not only does it make great espresso and cappuccino, it has never failed us even under the heaviest demands.

La Spaziale Vivaldi II single group dual boiler espresso machine... For the serious home espresso enthusiast or light duty commercial. This espresso machine requires plumb in - it does not have a pour over option.

This is the NEW VIVALDI II S1 Model. This model offers the same great features as the original S1 but with the following improvements:

- Dual Manometer allows you to check or make adjustments to your pump's output pressure.

- New timer Control board with an OPTIONAL 7 day programmable timer allows user to program days and times for machine to be turned on.

- 4 hole steam tip Four hole steam tip on this machine is one of the easiest to produce excellent micro foam with,great for espresso art.

- The Vivaldi II activates the heater with the detection of a temperature drop of just one half degree Celsius making the temp accuracy more precise in the group boiler and enhances the steam boilers performance.

- Updated temperature sensing probe is submerged directly into the boilers. This probe has proven to be more reliable than the previous style and has a quicker reaction time.

- New LED display The previous display showed 5 degree increments, from 85 to 120 degrees Celsius. The NEW Vivaldi II displays in 1 degree increments, from 91 to 97 degrees Celsius.

- Differential adjustability Programming allows you to set the temperature at the group to correspond with the LED. We test each machine and adjust the differential before shipping.


Dual Boiler
Steam Boiler 2.5 liter
Steam Boiler Element 1250 Watts
Group Boiler .45 liter
Group Boiler Element 800 Watts
Swivel Stainless Steel Steam Arm
Two Portafilters: One Single and One Double
Direct Plumbed
Rotary Pump
Volumetric Dosing
Volumetric Dosing Adjustable Through Touch Pad
One Degree Group Temperature Adjust ability Indicated by LED Display
Group Temperature Adjustable Through Touch Pad
Electronic Boiler Refill
Built-in Safety Thermostat
Semiautomatic Hot Water Delivery
Manual Steam Valve
Fault Diagnosis Alarms
Dual Manometer
Color Black or Red
110 volt
Available in either 15 amp or 20

Height 15.00 inches

Width 16.50 inches

Depth 16.50 inches

Weight 65 pounds