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Price: $525.00

We are proud to introduce this exceptional grinder to our line up of quality espresso equipment. The MACAP MC4 Doserless Stepless grinder has all the quality of the most sought after Mini Mazzer E with a few added bonuses and an affordable price.

Its worm gear-driven stepless adjustment makes it the best stepless adjustable grinder on the market today, in our opinion. The worm gear makes it simple to make even a minute adjustment, and the best part is that you can do it with two fingers, with either your right hand or your left.

The power cord comes from the bottom not the side. Many people complain about the position of the power cord on the Mini.

It comes with an on/off switch not a timer. Mazzer will only sell the timer version of the Mini in the US.

It's only 17" tall and will fit under most kitchen cabinets.

17" Tall
Chrome finish
Available with stepped adjustment or worm gear stepless adjustment
Extremely low blade speed (1600 rpm) at 60 HZ
Motor output 250 watt
Grinding burrs 58 mm
Gross weight 22 lbs.
Bean hopper 1.3 lb.
110 volt